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Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detectors

Efficiently lubricated machinery is as critical to the reliability and operating safety of modern diesel engines as it has always been. Rapid advances in lubrication technology and the latest computer aided production techniques have done much in recent years to significantly improve both marine and land-based diesels.

Occasional mechanical failures in the crankcase are inevitable. A minor problem with a bearing shell for example, will cause a ‘hotspot’ and generate large volumes of oil mist. If not detected quickly, major damage may be caused to the crankshaft and a crankcase explosion may result. Such occurrences may lead to time-charter delay, loss of revenue, salvage claims or even, in extreme cases, serious injuries or fatalities and loss of the vessel.

The sensitivity of early oil mist detectors enabled very advanced warnings to be given of incipient bearing failures. In two-stroke engines, warnings were given up to 5-6 hours before any problems became apparent. As engine design improved, power outputs and bearing loads increased and tolerances to failure rapidly decreased.

We have full spares to support Kidde Graviner mk6 oil mist detection system and installations on board your vessel. Authorised dealer with stock items to support Spx flow filters systems fast delivery to your site worldwide.

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